Submission, 2012
Plaster of paris

This sculpture recalls Islamic ethos; the correlating internal and external dimensions to the Islamic submission of prayer and prostration.

The structures allude to an allegorical representation of a Muslims intention for prayer and ablution followed by the purification of the soul through Salah. A Muslims personality is a testament to One God: an evocation of submission that revolves around our faith. Just like our personalities, we are submitting externally too by maintaining hijab, through a covert contextual meaning the laws that govern the interaction between male and female which must be abided by both.

The creation of this sculpture (and the entire collection) evokes memories of personal struggle to uphold my Islamic values from a young age, like many other Muslims around the world with the submerged identities of British, Indian, and Muslim, I am striving to maintain both identity and religion.

Dimensions: 6″ * 6″ 2 (six inch by six inch squared)

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