Strip the City, Ancient City: Rome. Quest

Strip the City, Ancient City: Rome. Quest


This was a TV Documentary I really enjoyed last night about the reasons for the partial destruction of the Colosseum in Rome. The Colosseum was built on ground that was a few thousand years old, a river flowed through it, that over time built layers of rock at the bottom. So that, at the time of the Roman Empire, the river became a stream, so they filled it up and built the Colosseum above it. Many years later an earthquake destroyed the strongest standing building in the world. After this, the Romans built a water storage system in case of an earthquake for the nearby river that, even today the system would be incredibly difficult to build.

I felt compelled towards the sheer genius with which the Romans have taught the modern architects of Rome through the construction of all of these magnificent historic buildings. The structure of the Colosseum as a whole would have a been a beautiful sight to see; but through natural disaster another beautiful landscape has emerged. It almost looks like a natural landscape through its rugged qualities.

A must see; they ‘Strip the city’ to show how this was done with references to modern builds in Rome.

I know I’ll be watching it again. Thank you for reading, hope i didn’t bore you too much 😉

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