Guardian review – from Twitter

I discovered this great article on twitter:

Walk Through British Art, Tate Britain, review

This article suggests that unlike most Galleries and Museums where viewers are told what the art is and what it is about; Tate Britain have opened an exhibition whereby the viewer is told “…only the name of the artist with his birth and death dates, the title of the painting and the year it was painted. What Curtis has understood is that pictures on show in a public gallery are themselves primary data. You study history so that you can understand them, not the other way around. And anyway, who says they need to be studied? Gallery visitors should be allowed to have their own responses to the art in front of them, not told what to think by the curator.” Although I don’t always know what the artwork is about, I always look at the information beside the artwork to incline me towards some conclusion. However, sometimes when I do understand the artwork I would prefer not to be told otherwise; which is what this Curator is enticing the public towards. Sometimes artwork can confuse the viewer when their personal opinion is different to the artists’ which could act as a deterrent for the public from visiting art galleries and museums at all, as it has done in the past.

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